National Instrument Hire specialises in a full calibration management service for managing your assets. At a time when total traceability is required in all quality procedures, our team can totally manage, calibrate and maintain all your test equipment to the relevant standards on all equipment requiring inspection and calibration.

On an annual basis, the system automatically sends you a letter or email stating when equipment is due for calibration. All master calibration equipment is fully traceable to UKAS national laboratory standards. The typical turnaround time is 2 days.

Calibration Prices

Clamp Meters


Decade Resistance Boxes


Earth Loop Testers


Insulation Testers ( Up to 1000V)


Installation Testers / 3 in 1 Testers


Portable Appliance Testers


mA loop Calibrators


Voltage Sources


Temperature Indicators


Temperature Blocks


Pneumatic Calibrators


Power Supply Units


Pressure Gauges


RCD Testers