Elcomponent SPC Pro

Elcomponent SPC Pro
Manufacturer: Elcomponent
Product Code: Elcomponent-SPC-Pro
Price: £90.00

The SPC Pro is Elcomponent's latest development in non-invasive 3 phase data logging, and it makes the job simpler and safer than ever before. Based on the well-proven “3 currents, 1 voltage” hook-up, the only voltage connection it needs is a standard 13A wall socket. Current measurement is via fully isolated flexible hoop CTs which makes the SPC Pro incredibly safe to use. The unit is also very easy to set up and connect and requires no detailed knowledge of electrical systems from the operator. It is light and compact, but also tough and water resistant to withstand years of professional use.

Measurement performance is second-to-none in its class, utilising an automatic ‘autorange’ feature which maintains remarkable accuracy from levels as low as 1A, all the way to 2000A - with no manual range setting required. Best of all, the sophisticated on-board electronics and dedicated PC software use a unique Elcomponent algorithm to ensure that power and energy (kWh) values are correctly calculated every time! Programming and download is via a new version of PowerPackPro software, and hi speed USB connection, so data transfer is fast despite the large memory capacity.

The SPC Pro is incredibly easy to hook-up – no prior set-up is required unless the data storage rate needs changing, so normally it’s a case of clipping on the flex hoops, plugging in the power lead and pressing the start button! Download is equally easy – simply plug the USB lead into your PC and our PowerPackPro software will find the logger automatically and guide you through a foolproof sequence to ensure that accurate results for voltage, current, power factor, kilowatts and kilowatt hours are configured for immediate viewing. The instrument uses a completely secure and non-volatile ‘flash’ memory and has its own back-up for its on- board clock. It also features a powerful integral battery for stand-alone use allowing it to be used as a “current only” logger for up to two weeks where a mains supply is not available.